Welcome and Introduction

Once upon a time I weighed 15 stone. It’s not something that made me happy and it’s an obstacle I had to overcome mentally and physically. 7 years ago I decided to change and so I departed on a journey that watched me enter new extremes of eating next to nothing, training for hours a day and nearly destroying myself. It was most definitely a learning curve.

In total I lost 6 stone, I retrained as a Personal trainer and I specialised in child and adult weight loss and obesity alongside pre and post natal exercise. I’ve stood on a stage, been in magazines and every day I learn something new about fitness and nutrition and make a choice to be healthier, I’ve made enough mistakes to write a book (literally – you will not be able to surprise me with your eating habits).

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(1 hour) = £75+
BrainWorking Recursive Therapy allows a client to change their reaction to trigger situations to a new preferred response. Treatments are offered at level 1 and level 2

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Children’s Hypnotherapy & BWRT

(1 hour) = £45-55
Children have the most vivid imaginations, as they troop through the jungle in the back garden their ability to enjoy and explore stories is admirable.

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Responsive Hypnotherapy

Responsive Hypnotherapy combines hypnotherapy approaches to bring your conscious and unconscious mind into line.

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Gastric Mini-Band

This treatment is for those clients who are within 7-14lbs of their weight loss goal but feel like they have hit a plateau that they cannot overcome.

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Wedding Weight Loss

The wedding weight loss packages are designed for every bride (or groom) to be who wishes to feel their best on their wedding day

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Gastric Band Therapy

from £425
Gastric Band Therapy is a hypnotic version of Gastric Band surgery. If you have a large amount of weight to lose this is the recommended treatment.There are three different packages available to support your you weight loss needs.

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Gastric Top Up

(45 min) £45
This treatment top up is for those clients who are following a gastric band treatment programme but feel that they need a kick start, or have experienced a weight loss plateau.

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(4 week course) £275
Hypnobirthing supports women in preparing for pregnancy and childbirth. Please contact for basic, 1:1 or refresher class costs.

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Hypnobirthing Basics

(4 hour) £175
For those parents to be who have already attended NCT or Antenatal classes or have previously completed an at home hypnobirthing class and with to learn the basic principles of hypnobirthing.

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"All I can say is 'WOW' I am now on Day 31 of the most life changing event in 20 years. I am 2 stone 2lbs lighter, 7 inches slimmer, more confident, the happiest I have been in a long time and now looking forward to the future. Onwards and downwards. this is all because of you, thank you so much"

− Gastric Band Client, fitted December 2014

"I have battled with food addictions, emotional eating and being very overweight all of my adult life. In November I had a hypnotic gastric band fitted. 7 weeks on 25lbs off. She uses a combination of Neuro Linguistic Therapy and hypnotherapy. Hand on heart I haven't touched or wanted junk food, even over Christmas. No foods are banned, it is not a diet, but a new, cleaner way of life. I have no desire to eat biscuits, cakes, crisps, cheese etc.....I eat 3 x a day and I am full. Best investment I have ever made on myself"

− Gastric Band Client, fitted November 2014

"Think you really are magic....Lost 4lbs this week - 29lbs in 8 weeks, had to step on the scales a few times just to make sure!! Less than a stone to go now whoop whoop"

− Gastric Band Client, fitted in November 2014

"I think you saved my life"

− Gastric Balloon 2014

"When I started I had to buy a dress in a size 16, this week I bought my first dress in a size 12"

− Gastric Balloon - after 8 weeks progress

"Today marks 24lbs loss in 5 weeks"

− Gastric Band fitted 2014

"OMG!!! Thought I'd measure and maybe weigh in..... 2 inches off my tum!! 4lb lost!! You are amazing and I love ya loads for helping me with my biggest issue!"

− Gastric Band fitted January 2015

"It’s weigh in Wednesday – a mahoosive 4st 4lbs in 81 days!"

− Gastric Band Fitted December 2014

"I’m now 3st 1lb down in 14 weeks – goal reached!"

− Gastric Band fitted November 2014