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Child Therapy

Parents can often worry about bringing their child for therapy as they do not always have the vocabulary or ability to articulate their worries. However, combining my 20 year’s experience with working with children alongside my therapeutic training we use a wide range of methods to explore our emotions and challenges, from Lego to art to working with Brian, my therapy dog. Every session is unique to the child and their needs. I am fully insured and DBS checked (with an enhanced disclosure which is updated annually).

Child Sessions

Age: 5-12 year olds

Time: 60 minutes

Cost: £50 per hour

I offer both hypnotherapy and BWRT treatments for 5-12 year olds which offer a non-intrusive treatment which are designed to create an enjoyable therapy option.

BWRT Treatments – BWRT sessions are a fast and effective visualisation technique which allows children to enjoy the magic of changing their thoughts and reactions to particular issues. BWRT stands for BrainWorking Recursive Therapy which is a highly effective therapy technique which allows children to replace their unwanted responses with new preferred ones using visualisation and imagination techniques. As the children make their own choices for preferred responses they take control of their own minds and feel empowered to change their behaviours. The sessions are completely conscious and the results become stronger in the days after the session. We work on children’s own memories of the issue affecting them and so they are completely in control of the session. Each technique is adapted depending on age and it can be used from 5years-12 years.

Hypnotherapy sessions – I create hypnotherapy based stories which are specific to children’s particular interests so that I can connect with them to treat their individual requirements. This allows children to connect with the characters and themes without even realising that we are treating things they previously found difficult. Children are provided with a copy of their story as well as an audio to listen to at home. Children will need to listen to this regularly after the session to get the maximum benefit from the treatment. Please also visit my shop for hypnotherapy audios which are ready for purchase.

Therapy sessions are available after school and at weekends.

Number of session: varies between children

NB: A Doctor letter may be required prior to treatment commencement.

Please note that some sessions will require homework activities to complete with your child


LEGO Therapy

Age: 5+ year olds

Time: 60 minutes

Course length: 12 weeks

Cost: £195

Lego®-Based Therapy is an interactive therapy programme designed to support children aged 6- 16 in mastering particular social and interaction skills. Children attend over a 12-week programme lasting an hour a week working in the same small group each week. Each session is planned to allow children to develop skills as a team, it was found that traditional therapy methods could ‘teach’ social skills but children could not apply these to social situations outside of the therapy sessions.

Therefore Lego®-Based Therapy offers children roles to master, achievement certificates to attain and the accomplishment of achieving their models which are built weekly (and later over a period of weeks).

It is particularly beneficial for:

  • children on the autism spectrum
  • children with social- communication difficulties
  • children who struggle with social interactions
  • children with anxiety disorders (especially social phobia)

Lego Therapy supports children over a course of sessions to develop a range of skills including: motivation, social skill building, listening skills, interactions through roles, turn taking, sharing, following social rules, cooperation, eye-contact and using greetings and names.

Each week children have different models to construct, which grow as they accomplish the levels of the programme.

Children are given the opportunity to develop skills through three roles:

  • Engineer– reading and directing the instructions to build a chosen model
  • Supplier– Listening to directions and seeking out pieces for the model
  • Builder– Listening and confirming instructions and constructing the model

Children also have opportunity to then apply these skills to free style building where they create their own team plan for construction and develop this together. This supports children to apply the rules and social skills they have developed to more natural play environments which children would navigate in social or social situations.

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