A Step at a Time Therapies with Nicky Edwards

Teen and Young Adult

Do you know those days…

When there are no words to describe how you feel…?

When everyone has an opinion about what you should do….?

When your emotions are so strong that they block any good intentions…?

When you are fire fighting to try and consciously stay in control….?

When you don’t know how much longer you can stay on top of things…..?

My work with teenagers has stemmed from working as a college lecturer teaching 16+ to my work as a therapist. Some of my most memorable sessions have been with the young people who have crossed my path. Sessions vary from working with anxiety, stress, self-harm, depression and recovering from trauma. Others seek life coaching to navigate changes in life or to identify their next steps forward.

It is an area of my work for which I am deeply passionate because with every step that my clients make out of their shell they find calm, peace and empowerment, stepping into the shoes of the person they were meant to be. Together with each client we identify the best routes forward for them, to offer them the support and therapeutic interventions to release the issues that they are experiencing.

I am fully DBS checked (with an enhanced disclosure which is updated annually) and will work with parents and teenagers in the best approach for them. The sensitive yet effective approaches used allow my young clients to find calmness in the storm no matter what stage they are at in their new journey. As well as learning that therapy can be used as a support system as we grow older.

**To book appointments, please contact Nicky directly to ensure your needs can be met and discuss therapy options**

Teen Therapy

Age: 13 year olds

Time: 60 minutes

Course length: varies between clients

Young Adult Therapy

Age: 20+ year olds

Time: 60 minutes

Course length: varies between clients

What techniques do we use?

BWRT is a fast and effective visualisation technique which allows children to enjoy the magic of changing their thoughts and reactions to particular issues. BWRT stands for BrainWorking Recursive Therapy which is a highly effective therapy technique which allows children to replace their unwanted responses with new preferred ones using visualisation and imagination techniques. As the children make their own choices for preferred responses they take control of their own minds and feel empowered to change their behaviours. The sessions are completely conscious and the results become stronger in the days after the session. We work on children’s own memories of the issue affecting them and so they are completely in control of the session. We can generally work on around two difficult situations in a session and cover what would be weeks of therapy in 2-6 sessions depending on the issue being resolved.

Coaching and NLP include using a range of techniques and activities that allow teenagers and young people to put their fears and worries into context or to explore them on different levels to seek solutions and new perspectives. These allow us to then treat, resolve or find solutions to make day to day life easier and more manageable.

What can it help?

  • Grief and loss
  • Trauma related symptoms
  • Separation anxiety
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • School worries
  • Navigating changes
  • Stress related symptoms
  • Eating issues and behaviours
  • Managing bullying
  • Concentration/exam preparation
  • Learning problems and exam fears
  • Phobias and Fears
  • Behaviour difficulties
  • Anger management

Please Note - this list is not exhaustive.

Please Note - Depending on the nature of the situation the number of sessions required will vary.

Homework - Please note that in some sessions I may set homework or activities for your teenager to complete between sessions. This may include written tasks, journaling or audios to listen to.

NB: A Doctor letter may be required prior to treatment commencement.