A Step at a Time Therapies with Nicky Edwards

Welcome to A Step at a Time Therapies

Having worked with children and teenagers for over 24 years, I’ve watched with my own eyes the impact mental health has had on our current generation. Which is why I’m passionate about building strong, trusting relationships with the young people I work with to help them navigate through their worries and overcome the emotional challenges that are associated with trauma, anxiety and life’s obstacles.

You’ll find me working with my trusty side kick, Brian, my therapy dog, who is frequently found in the office to support children to find the confidence to talk and to support their emotional needs. Brian also features in his very own book collection the ‘Adventures of Brian’.

With a background in childcare and education, from 0-19years, being a qualified early years professional, lecturer (teaching A-levels) and previous inspector, I couple my knowledge of the mind and body with qualifications in hypnotherapy, life coaching, BrainWorking Recursive Therapies, IEMT and NLP to provide unique, tailored and personalised sessions for every child I work with. I have worked with thousands of children over the last ten years and endeavour to offer a unique and personalised approach to every client session that I offer.

Child & LEGO Therapy

Treatments for children to resolve their thoughts, worries and fears through Hypnotherapy & BWRT which offer techniques and approaches to resolve their issues and worries quickly, effectively and safely whilst taking part in interactive therapy sessions. LEGO Therapies also now available! Sessions are held Monday to Wednesday from 2pm-9pm. 

Adventures of Brian

The Adventures of Brian are our children's therapeutic story book collection. Every book in the series explores a different thought, worry, fear or situation which children have to navigate. Brian, and his trusty friend, Blue Butterfly work together to explore each feeling and how to work through them. 

Teen & Young Adult

Navigating a new society full of unknown triggers and unexpected obstacles has seen a rise in mental health difficulties for teenagers and young adults. I offer a range of therapies to support this age group benefitting from the 10 years I have spent working specifically with the age group to release the heaviness and burden on the mind to bring clarity, peace and take back control in the least distressing approaching possible.


Hypnobirthing courses offer parents-to-be the opportunity to learn techniques to support the best birth for them. Covering breathing techniques, relaxation and self-hypnosis alongside how to give informed consent and birthing plans. Both online and 1:1 classes are offered to ensure that you have the best course for you.