Reiki Treatments

REIKI Treatments

Cost: £40 per session.



Reiki is a peaceful hands on treatment which originated in India and the East thousands of years ago. It believes that that we all have the ability to heal and preserve life as all living things are connected.

It focusses on supporting the client to rebalance the natural energy that is carried within the body. By bringing the body back into energetic balance clients will express feeling more at peace, less stressed, energised or balanced. The belief of Reiki is that power of regular treatments means that the body is more able to heal itself and function correctly.

The treatments involve the client lying on a massage couch (fully clothed) whilst the practitioner supports them to rebalance the energy follow through the 7 chakras of the body. each chakra controls the flow of energy to specific parts of the body and releases any blockages.

The seven chakras are as follows:

Crown – White – Top of head = enlightenment, intuition, spiritual vision
3rd Eye – Indigo – Forehead = psychic perception, telepathy, spine, lower
brain, left eye, pituary gland, nose, ears, CNS
Throat – Light Blue – Neck = self-expression, emotions, comms and creativity= energy throat, thyroid, upper glands,arms, digestive tract
Heart – Green – centre chest = emotions, love, devotion, spiritual growth and compassion. = Heart, thymus gland, liver, lungs, circulation
Solar Plexus – Yellow – Above Naval = centre of body = emotions, stomach, liver, digestion, gall bladder and pancreas
Sacral – Orange – Below naval = sexual energy, perceptions, first impressions = reproductive organs, legs and glands
Root – Red – Genitals = represents life, vitality, birth and creation = spine, kidney, bladder, suprarenal glands


This treatment is suitable for those who are pregnant.

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