Lifestyle Solution Treatments

West Sussex Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and other Lifestyle Solution Treatments

In a society where life is fast paced and we are always moving onto the next thing what happens if our minds don’t keep up?

Through the use of hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP offer a range of lifestyle solutions to help you take back control of your life and build the life that YOU want.

After all, do we have the time to be missing out on opportunities because out minds are out of sync?

All treatments are fast and effective and use cutting edge techniques,meaning that you can step off of the side lines and into the life that YOU want!

1 off sessions

One off sessions are perfect for small issues which cause discomfort every day. These sessions take 60-90 minutes and allow you to reprogram your response and leave behind those unwanted behaviours. Ideal for small issues which are stand alone. For guidance about whether this is appropriate please call me on 07474 710234

1 session – £75
2 sessions- £140

Confidence Programme

Struggling with confidence?
Feel that you are being held back?
Can’t see your own potential?
Feel worthless or not good enough?

Over the 4 week confidence programme we retrain your brain’s responses to self-belief and confidence and remove those triggers that previously dragged you down! A liberating and effective treatment package which allows you to step up and become the person you always dreamed of!

4 weeks – £275

Anxiety/Anger Recovery

Is anxiety limiting your opportunities?
Overreact to particular situations?
Battle with panic attacks or worry?

Feel like you can’t move forward?

Over this 5 week programme we re-set your responses to anxiety to bring calm and confidence into you life. Invigorating and empowering, the treatment programme breaks down all the triggers that previously created anxiety and allows you to develop a mindset of being able to cope and feel in control!

5 weeks = £325

Depression/Stress Programme

Depression and chronic stress can limit life on so many levels, but remain a widely misunderstood area of health. Their limitations can affect careers, families and relationships and whilst well-meaning friends and family can tell you to ‘look at the bright side’ in the throws of stress and depression it can feel like there isn’t one.

Over 5 consecutive weeks we unpick those feelings and reprogram your mindset to start letting the sunlight back in and give you back control of your life a step at a time.

5 weeks – £325

Relationship recovery

Just get over it!
Are you still moping?
Forget him!
Jump back on the horse!

Sometimes it isn’t as easy as just moving on after a relationship breakdown. Often clients will report feelings of being stuck, or finding themselves in a repeated cycle of anguish, upset or negative behaviours that they cannot shake off. This treatment offers two options – a recovery from mild symptoms and a programme for breaking destructive relationship cycles which have affected long term confidence and self-esteem.

1 off session – £75
4 week programme – £275

Find Yourself Programme

‘Oh I couldn’t do that?’
‘I dont do things like that!’

Are you limiting your opportunities?

Reclaim your sense of self and step into your true identity through this 4 week ‘find yourself’ programme where we remove those behaviours that you no longer want and find your true self which has been hidden under layers of doubt or sabotage. Often we can become lost in the path of life and struggle to work out where we are or where to go next. This treatment allows you to become the you that you dreamed of so you can move forward with your goals.

4 weeks = £275

Removing Negative Self-identity

‘I hate myself’
‘I’m useless’
‘I worthless’
‘Noone would want me’

We rarely grasp the impact negative self-identity labels have on our self-esteem, goal achievement and long term happiness. How do we expect to achieve our goals if we feel that we are not worthy of being happy? Through this 4 week programme we unravel those labels and create a new identity which is worthy, is good, and is capable of anything you desire, so you can become the YOU that YOU want to be!

4 week – £275

Alcohol Cessation

Sometimes the line between social drinking and alcoholism become blurred and clients want to take back control of their habit but don’t know how to, or quit drinking and regularly relapse.

Over a 4 week programme we strip that label of ‘I’m an alcoholic’ and let you just be YOU, giving you back control of your life and allowing you to remove any triggers that would have previously created a relapse situation. An empowering and constructive approach to quitting drinking and gaining back control.

4 weeks – £275

Life Coaching

Perhaps you have decisions to make? A project to plan? Or a life change to organise?
Life coaching is a great opportunity to have an impartial sounding board to help you to plan, choose or plot your life changes. This could be on a personal, social or business level. My goal is to support you in getting your ideas onto paper and structured, then set goals to allow you to move forward!

Sessions are focussed on your plans and all notes are provided afterwards. A great way to get some structure in your life or talk through your ideas with someone impartial and non-judgemental.

One session – £60
75 minutes

Pain Release

I am an OldPain2Go Practitioner offering clients a safe way of totally removing old or chronic pain that no longer serves a purpose or is unwanted.

This is the ideal treatment for those clients with old pain from past injuries, arthritis, joint pains, back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia. Most treatments only require one session of therapy. The treatment will not remove pain which is required for a safety purpose.

The treatments are completely conscious with no trance work required, they can be competed face to face or via Skype.

One session – £75