Adult Therapy Sessions

Therapies for those from 20 years old upwards….

In a society where life is fast paced and we are always moving onto the next thing what happens if our minds don’t keep up?

Through the use of hypnotherapy, coaching, BWRT and NLP I offer a range of lifestyle solutions to help you take back control of your life and build the life that YOU want.

After all, do we have the time to be missing out on opportunities because out minds are out of sync?

All therapies are fast and effective and use cutting edge techniques,meaning that you can step off of the side lines and into the life that YOU want!

1 off ad-hoc sessions

One off sessions are perfect for small issues which cause discomfort every day. These sessions take 60-90 minutes and allow you to reprogram your response and leave behind those unwanted behaviours. Ideal for small issues which are stand alone. For guidance about whether this is appropriate please call me on 07474 710234

1 session – £75  

Trauma Release

Have you experienced a trauma?
Having recurrent flash backs or ‘stuck’ in the memory?
Can’t see any way out?
Trapped in the past?

Trauma includes any event that leaves us feeling uneasy or not at rest. Ranging from life changing events, to accidents, to assaults or tragic circumstances some clients can find themselves continuously replaying the situation. Over a 2-4 week programme we retrain your brain’s responses to the incident triggers responses to previous triggers allowing you to move forward and take back control of situations that you may have previously felt fearful of or avoided due to the stress that they created. The number of sessions required varies between clients.

£75 a session 

Anger Recovery

Is anger limiting your opportunities?
Overreact to particular situations?
Battle with overreacting?

Feel like you can’t move forward?

Over this 5 week programme we re-set your responses to anger to bring calm and confidence into you life. We will review your personal triggers and responses and identify new solutions. Invigorating and empowering, the treatment programme breaks down all the triggers that previously created anxiety and allows you to develop a mindset of being able to cope and feel in control!

5 weeks = £325


Experiencing a bereavement often leads to a huge emotional response which our subconscious minds struggle to resolve. In the development of our lives the one thing we are never truly prepared for is the loss of someone we love and this creates high level of stress, anxiety and distress to the person left behind. The problem with this is that the brain cannot process stress or anxiety so it sits in our subconscious much like a fog preventing us from moving forward or finding peace.

We will aim to offer you opportunity to make peace with those emotions so that you can remember the person you have lost fondly with love rather than distress at their absence, allowing you to make peace with the bereavement and find a new level of calm. The number of sessions required varies between clients.

£75 a session

Relationship Recovery

Just get over it!
Are you still moping?
Forget him!
Jump back on the horse!

Sometimes it isn’t as easy as just moving on after a relationship breakdown. Often clients will report feelings of being stuck, or finding themselves in a repeated cycle of anguish, upset or negative behaviours that they cannot shake off. This treatment offers two options – a recovery from mild symptoms and a programme for breaking destructive relationship cycles which have affected long term confidence and self-esteem.The number of sessions required varies between clients.

1 session – £75

Life Coaching

Perhaps you have decisions to make? A project to plan? Or a life change to organise?
Life coaching is a great opportunity to have an impartial sounding board to help you to plan, choose or plot your life changes. This could be on a personal, social or business level. My goal is to support you in getting your ideas onto paper and structured, then set goals to allow you to move forward!

Sessions are focussed on your plans and all notes are provided afterwards. A great way to get some structure in your life or talk through your ideas with someone impartial and non-judgemental. The number of sessions required varies between clients.

One session – £75 90 minutes


Sometimes a fear can take over other aspects of life. Whether it’s a phobia of being sick, flying or being in particular situations many people struggle to understand that for some, these cause huge anxiety.

Over 1-2 sessions we review the fear, identify the triggers and use BWRT to reprogram the responses so that you can feel more in control, more peaceful and calm about you triggering event. The number of sessions required varies between clients.

1 session – £75

Pain Release

I am an OldPain2Go Practitioner offering clients a safe way of reducing old pain that no longer serves a purpose or is unwanted.

This is the ideal therapy for those clients with old pain from past injuries. Most treatments only require one session of therapy. The session will not remove pain which is required for a safety purpose or that which is not diagnosed. This session cannot be used to seek medical diagnosis, please consult a medical practitioner. Medical advice and diagnosis must be sought prior to booking. A doctors letter may be required.

The treatments are completely conscious with no trance work required.

One session – £75