Grief and Trauma Treatments

Do you know those days…

When there are no words to describe how you feel…?

When everyone has an opinion about what you should do….?

When your emotions are so strong that they block any good intentions…?

When you are fire fighting to try and consciously stay in control….?

When you don’t know how much longer you can stay on top of things…..?

My work with women surviving grief, trauma and post traumatic stress disorder has led me through paths of healing the minds of those who have survived domestic violence, assault, recovery from narcissistic relationships, losing loved ones and traumatic accidents. It is a area of my work for which I am deeply passionate because with every step that my clients make out of their shell they find calm, peace and empowerment, stepping into the shoes of the person they were meant to be.
The sensitive yet effective approaches used allow clients to find calmness in the storm no matter what stage they are at in their new journey.
If you would like to talk about how I can help your recovery please get in touch.

Trauma Recovery

Unfortunately throughout life we can experience trauma which we struggle to find peace with, or cannot resolve in our own minds. I have worked with a number of clients who have experienced life changing car accidents, assaults, sexual assault and witnessed traumatic incidents symptoms from life experiences which have changed their mindsets to particular situations. Experiencing trauma can be catastrophic to the individual and long term may affect other aspects of life so offering these specialised trauma treatments I am able to support my clients to change their response to the emotions and behaviours currently being exhibited due to the experience.
Through the use of specialised BrainWorking Recursive Therapy treatments I will support you to develop new responses to previous triggers allowing you to move forward and take back control of situations that you may have previously felt fearful of or avoided due to the stress that they created.
This treatment will generally take 2 sessions and allow you to reprogram your thoughts about them, remove extreme emotional reactions and any distress that remained so that you can start to live again.
Treatment cost: £140 (2 sessions)

Please note that some situations may require additional sessions.

Bereavement Support:

Experiencing a bereavement often leads to a huge emotional response which our subconscious minds struggle to resolve. In the development of our lives the one thing we are never truly prepared for is the loss of someone we love and this creates high level of stress, anxiety and distress to the person left behind. The problem with this is that the brain cannot process stress or anxiety so it sits in our subconscious much like a fog preventing us from moving forward or finding peace.
Through the use of a specialised BrainWorking Recursive Therapy treatments I am able to support you with a sensitive session which allows you to make peace with those emotions so that you can remember the person you have lost fondly with love rather than distress at their absence, allowing you to make peace with the bereavement and find a new level of calm.
This treatment is additionally beneficial to those who feel that they have things that were left unsaid and would like the benefits of therapy without experiencing the standard consecutive weeks of treatments offered from bereavement counselling. This is a unique treatment which I feel honoured to be able to offer those struggling with loss.
Treatment costs: £140 (2 sessions)

NB: For young people (10-14yrs) experiencing loss please see the Children’s Hypnotherapy page.
NB: For young children (3-10yrs) experiencing loss please see the ‘Adventures of Brian’ page for my book ‘Brian and the Shiny Star’

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Whilst always previously associated with those in the services PTSD is growing in its diagnosis and recognition. Those who have experienced traumatic experiences which have left them feeling trapped, fearful or with a changed attitude to life can often find themselves diagnosed but with few options for treatment, or find that conventional counselling is not helping them to achieve their preferred outcomes.
This can include those who have been assaulted, sexually assaulted, experienced trauma (including the loss of a child), victims of crime, or those working in active services or emergency services.
Over a 4 week treatment we will reprogramme you responses and remove the triggers which have previously caused you to relapse so that you can take back control of your life and step forward into your future.
Treatment cost: £275 (4 weeks)

NB: A Doctor letter may be required prior to treatment commencement.