Can you make me do stupid things?
No, stage hypnosis and complementary hypnosis are very different. In these sessions you will only be provided with therapeutic suggestions. In addition it should be noted that your subconscious would reject any suggestions they were unreasonable so you are under no risk.

Am I asleep?
No, whilst you are in a deep level of relaxation you are not asleep. You will have awareness of things around you and be able to hear what is said but you are in a deep trance.

Does everyone respond?
The British Society of Clinical Hypnosis estimated that 85% of people will respond to hypnosis. Having confidence in the technique also supports higher responsiveness as does a motivation to change.

Are you regulated?
Registration as a hypnotherapist is voluntary; I am registered with the National Hypnotherapy Society and General Hypnotherapy Register. In addition I hold public liability insurance. A copy of my certificate can be seen in my office.

What technique is used for Gastric Band or Gastric Balloon treatment?
The Cressinghams technique is used for these treatments. Please note that I have spent additional days training to use these techniques. If you are using another therapist ensure that they have attended CPD training in these areas.

How many sessions will I need?
This varies depending on the reasons for treatment and the duration of the symptoms you have. The length of treatment can be agreed with you at the first session.

Will it ‘wear’ off?
Sometimes clients can find that their resolve towards their habits can weaken. In these cases a ‘top up’ session can be booked as a one off treatment. I keep your individual scripts so that we can re-visit these.