A Step at a Time Therapies with Nicky Edwards

Eating Disorders

Therapeutic techniques for Disordered Eating issues

I regularly work with young people in the early stages of eating disorders. It should be noted that no two clients presenting with disordered eating are the same and that triggers, behaviours and attitudes vary from client to client.

Ranging from restrictive eating, selective eating or calorie restrictions, I see many young people who have found their worlds feeling out of control and therefore focussed on taking excessive control of their food intake or exercise regimes. Food is a huge part of life and socialising, and therefore restrictive eating affects whole families, social relationships and many aspects of life, including school trips, festivals and holidays.

One of the greatest patterns that I find when working with clients with regards to food behaviours is that the issue is NOT about food, but rather how they feel about themselves. Therefore, the treatments provided work on both self-esteem, confidence and willpower as well as removing the habits developed around food. If we nourish your self-esteem you can achieve your goals and maintain them.

Using hypnotherapy, BWRT and coaching techniques I work closely with the young people in my care and their parents to seek routes to give back control to the client and support the family to find treatments that are effective to their needs.

Please note that in the case of therapies for eating disorders, sessions should be authorised by the medical practitioners working with the client.

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders are a misunderstood area of therapy and many treatments prove ineffective as they rely so heavily on only making a client eat when they haven’t resolved the underlying issues as to why they don’t or feel that they cannot eat. In addition, some clients do not realise that their eating behaviours are reflective of an eating disorder until they seek treatment.

This therapy is suitable for those experiencing symptoms of anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders not otherwise specified (EDNOS). For those under 18 a parent consent is required before treatment can commence. Medical authorisation should also be sought prior to therapy sessions being attended.

The programme utilises the most recent and effective BrainWorking Recursive Therapy techniques alongside coaching to support the client to remove the label that they have developed of having ‘an eating disorder’. It then supports the client to step out of this label and move into an identity with a more positive attitude to food and feeling in control of their life.

Please note that whilst the sessions will be required to be booked consistently and as an ongoing process the total number of sessions is unique to the individual client and clients often require therapy for a significant period.

Prior to treatment

An exploratory questionnaire for you to complete with regards to your eating behaviours surrounding the eating disorder so we have a core plan for treatment

Over the course of the sessions we will:

* Complete an exploratory questionnaire to review your eating behaviours and which aspects of these are intrinsically linked to your self-image and identity, triggers which affect or influence the behaviours and those which exasperate it, a treatment plan is then devised from this exploration session.

*Identify timeline events that occurred prior to the eating disorder and during its impact

* Unlock the parameters that link the eating disorder and you. This allows you to break free of the old identity and develop a new sense of self-identity that is not tied to controlling food.

*Identify the identity that you truly desire and will allow you to reach your life goals, alongside removing food/eating triggers for long term success.

*The removal of specific triggers and situations which have previously exasperated the eating disorder or created negative cycles.

Please note I will require a doctor’s letter prior to commencing sessions.

Treatment Notes

Please Note: The number of sessions required is independent to each client.

Please Note: Work is for those in the first stages of ED