Child Therapy – From a child’s perspective… (testimonial)

I really love my therapy and coaching work with young people, their imaginations and willingness to open up and explore the child therapy techniques I offer means that they often experience big breakthroughs in 1-6 sessions (depending on the reason for attending). So you can imagine how touched I was when I received this beautiful story from one of my 12 year old clients which she submitted to a local radio station story writing contest, it looks at the session we completed to help her find some inner peace and joy…. she even had the chance to meet Brian my therapy dog! I’ll let her say the rest… 


“Once there was a girl named Poppy and she was a big worrier for many reasons that cannot be explained. One day something life changing happened; she was going to see her one and only hero, worry expert Nicki Edwards and her dog Brian. “How is she going to help? What is she going to do?” Poppy questioned. She was now jumping about in excitement, as she couldn’t wait to not worry anymore.

At last, they reached the lovely little cottage with a nice oak gate. Poppy and her mum walked down a small path and rang the doorbell. Her heart was racing and her hands were shaking, then Nicki emerged from the back garden. “Hello Poppy, I’m Nicki.” She said in a soft and calming voice. “You can go in my den, it’s just down this path.” Poppy walked to the den and to her surprise, it looked amazing. Poppy went inside and sat down on one of the comfy chairs whilst Nicki asked mum some questions. Poppy stared round at the room. In the corner was a heater, on the opposite side of the room stood a tall bookshelf filled up with dozens of books and decorated with many beautiful ornaments, and next to her lay a small desk covered with paperwork and a large gem stone. “Okay so I would like you to discuss what makes you worry.” Asked Nicki with a relaxing tone. Poppy thought for a moment before opening up to her. “umm…. I get scared at night about things.” She explained nervously. Now a BIG conversation went on for about an hour until it was time to go. “Would you like to see my dog, Brian?” Asked Nicki. Poppy nodded “I’ll go and get him for you” said Nicki. Nicki opened the glass door and a fluffy white dog came sprinting in enthusiastically. “Ahh, he’s so cute!!” crooned Poppy stroking Brian’s soft, snow coloured fur. “WOOF” barked Brian as he lay on his back for a belly rub. Poppy, mum and Nicki laughed and rubbed his tummy gently. Mum and Nicki chatted for a long time whilst Poppy played with Brain. “Ok, I guess we better head off now. Its been nice chatting to you!” said mum standing up from her seat. “It’s was so wonderful to meet you,” said Nicki “Bye!” Poppy hopped into the car and drove home. Later that night Poppy thought about what Nicki told her; she was flying through the breezy night sky on a bright star, feeling calm, safe and relaxed then jumping onto the misty moon with all of her good thoughts in her pocket. She got back onto the star feeling happy, exited and loved, keeping the good thoughts beside her forever, then landed safely in her bed.

The next morning Poppy woke up thinking about the wonderful dreams she had. She felt amazing and happy, from that day on she built up some special inner magic called courage, happiness and confidence.”


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