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Growing resilience in families….

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Resilience describes our ability to bounce back from stress, adversity, failure and challenges. However, it is often misunderstood that failure is not something we are born with, or something that some people have and others do not. Rather, resilience is something that we develop, grow and foster over time and with support and guidance. So what are the benefits of resilience? Resilience allows us: Better manage stress and worries Te able to overcome obstacles To look for solutions and opportunities To navigate challenging situations Cope with rejection Process and move past failure See the lessons and opportunities in life’s lessons Without resilience children can experience: Higher stress levels or chronic stress Feeling overwhelmed Dwelling on problems Increased anxiety A feeling of rejection or feeling like a victim Feelings of disappointment A sense of failure if things do not go to plan Setbacks feel permanent Risks of depression, insomnia Risks of…

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Does your child fall apart when they get home from school?

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Does your child walk in the door after school and….. Explode? Fall apart? Lose the plot? Struggle to cope? Become distresses? Restraint Collapse is a term developed by Andrea Loewen Nair, a parenting educator. It is used to describe children who bottle up their feelings and anxieties all day, doing all they can to hold themselves together to fit in and be the same as everyone else, to then come home to their safe place and release everything. The challenge of holding in their emotional needs leaves them feeling emotionally, intellectually and physically exhausted and the entry into a safe space allows them permission to release these, often quickly and with overwhelming speed. What can it look like: Parents may see their child: Cry Scream Become angry Throw things Fly off the handle Be rude or disrespectful Being out of control Fatigued Your child being inconsolable Does it affect all…

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Signs a child is struggling with health anxiety

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Health anxiety is described as when an individual spends too much time worrying: That they are ill That they could be getting ill Whilst a certain level of concern is completely normal if we have symptoms of illness, health anxiety can begin to take over life. Health anxiety is often obsessive and irrational and individuals who experience it can misinterpret normal sensations in the body as being indicators of serious illness. What causes health anxiety? The actual cause of health anxiety is not well understood. However, the concept of anxiety is created when our body perceives a stress or challenge. In this situation, our body releases a hormone called adrenaline which creates the ‘fight – flight –freeze – faint’ response in the body. This creates a number of physical and emotional feelings in the body which warn us that there may be a potential threat of danger or risk. However,…

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My child’s symptoms – which resources can I use?

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Navigating resources, home support and therapy can be a bit of a minefield. Which is why I put together these flow charts to give you a helping hand and direct you to the resources that you can access to help them! Please note – these flow charts do not provide or replace medical advice, if you have a concern about your child seeking support from your GP or health visitor should always be your first priority. Find the resources: ANGER & EXPLOSIVE FEELINGS  Brian and the Shaky Paws- https://bit.ly/ShakyPaws5 FREE Relaxation Audio – https://astepatatime.simplero.com/products/57433-Childrens-FREE-Relaxation-Audio SADNESS & UPSET  Brian and the Troubling Thoughts – http://bit.ly/Troubling5  AUDIO – Releasing fears and worries – https://astepatatime.simplero.com/products/63359-CHILD-AUDIO-NEW-Fears-and-Worries WORRIES & ANXIETY  Brian and the Scary Moment – http://bit.ly/ScaryMoment  Brian and the Funny Feeling – http://bit.ly/Funny-Feeling  AUDIO – CHILD ANXIETY – https://astepatatime.simplero.com/products/114143-CHILD-AUDIO-NEW-Child-Anxiety-Audio    Find the resources – CONFIDENCE & SELFESTEEM Brian and the Proud Feeling – http://bit.ly/ProudFeeling …

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6 ways to help a child who worries

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When children struggle with worries it can feel impossible to know what to do for the best, do we talk about the worries? Is talking about them making them worst? Is there a risk of talking about them too much? Too little? Whilst worries are completely normal, when they become excessive, or a child is worrying about ‘what if’ or worst case scenarios then it can begin to encroach on every aspect of life. So, whilst we may not want to give them too much attention, they cannot be ignored either. What causes worries? Worries are created when our body perceives a stress or challenge. In this situation, our body releases a hormone called adrenaline which creates the ‘fight – flight –freeze – faint’ response in the body. This creates a number of physical and emotional feelings in the body which warn us that there may be a potential threat…

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