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How to recognise signs of poor mental health in children and 5 ways to support children at home.

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The thing about mental health, is that we all have it. If we imagine it as a swinging pendulum, throughout out life times, our mental health moves between good mental well-being and poor mental well-being, depending on life circumstances, events and situations. Everyone can have days when their mental health feels more sensitive, but for some, realising that their mental health is suffering and needs support can be a shock. For children and teenagers, brain development is ever changing and moving, children’s pre-frontal cortex – the part of the brain that supports rational thought, seeing perspectives, solving problems and regulation continues its development throughout childhood and adolescence. So, we cannot expect our children to know how to manage their own feelings without guidance and support. In addition, as their primary responses come from their limbic brain system we can often see strong emotions, reactive and instinctive responses to issues –…

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Supporting introvert and sensitive children

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Having a child who is not the first in queue to do new things, meet new people or sit and chat, can feel that there is something wrong, However, for some children, being introverted or sensitive can mean that rather than think that there is something wrong with them, we need to identify how we can adapt our routines and behaviours to help them thrive. Introverts, are by nature, quieter, more reserved and happier to spend alone, whilst extroverts enjoy socialising, being active and larger groups. Whilst this is only the tip of the icebergs, we can often see in children we know, those who are happier in their own, peaceful worlds, and those who quickly become bored in their own company. The concern is often, whether the introverted behaviours are introverted or something to be concerned about. Signs of introverted child Deep thinkers and processors Self-sufficient Insular, reserved and…

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Are toxic relationships affecting your health?

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Do you have a relationship in your life that forever leaves you feeling: – Isolated? – Excluded? – Fighting for attention? – Doubting yourself? – Questioning why something just happened? – Wondering why you are invisible half the time? – Feeling inadequate? – Making you question your own existence? The list goes on? Something that I notice more and more personally and professionally as the years go on is that many relationships (sexual and friendships as well as family) transform over the years and that not all of them remain constructive to our physical and emotional well-being. Quite often we can find ourselves in relationships where the balance is consistently off and we are repeatedly walking away feeling unsatisfied, if not angry and upset about the behaviour that we have experienced and the impact that this has had on us. The scary thing is, that this shift often happens overnight…

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