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Motivating children, teenagers (and adults) to get things done

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Motivation is the word on everyone’s lips right now, at its fundamental core, as the world becomes a peculiar place and boredom and monotony sets in, removing us from the from the initial novelty factor how do we help our children and teenagers (as well as ourselves) to get motivated, and most importantly, is that even what we need? What is motivation? Motivation is defined as: “a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way”. Motivation can be intrinsic – coming from us, where we have a personal motivation to achieve something or extrinsic – where we do something because we are told to, or there is a reward for it e.g. money, success It indicates that we have a desire, or purpose which drives us to get things done. But, how does that fare in a pandemic? When we have countless days ahead of us? No…

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Want to lose weight – hang up the excuses and step up to the starting line!

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‘I can’t lose weight because my husband works away a lot’ ‘I can’t lose weight because I work shifts’ ‘I can’t lose weight because it’s my daughters birthday next week’ ‘I can’t lose weight because I don’t like to exercise’ ‘I can’t lose weight because I’ve got too many social events this month’ STOP!!!!! Let me make this quite clear….. Are you listening? THERE WILL NEVER BE A RIGHT TIME!!!! There will always be a birthday, a party, an engagement, a holiday, a commitment, an EXCUSE! When you are really ready, I am talking REALLY ready to lose weight, then you will KICK all those excuses aside and you will COMMIT and you WILL lose weight! Until then…. You’ll keep making excuses, every single day. It will be someone else’s fault, it will be someone else’s problem, you will continue searching for quick fixes, easy routes and the road that…

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