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How to recognise signs of poor mental health in children and 5 ways to support children at home.

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The thing about mental health, is that we all have it. If we imagine it as a swinging pendulum, throughout out life times, our mental health moves between good mental well-being and poor mental well-being, depending on life circumstances, events and situations. Everyone can have days when their mental health feels more sensitive, but for some, realising that their mental health is suffering and needs support can be a shock. For children and teenagers, brain development is ever changing and moving, children’s pre-frontal cortex – the part of the brain that supports rational thought, seeing perspectives, solving problems and regulation continues its development throughout childhood and adolescence. So, we cannot expect our children to know how to manage their own feelings without guidance and support. In addition, as their primary responses come from their limbic brain system we can often see strong emotions, reactive and instinctive responses to issues –…

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3 Top tips for managing emotional eating!

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Feeling stressed/tired/bored and find yourself wandering into the kitchen? Do you bury your head in the cupboard when you are feeling angry? Emotional eating is a subconscious behaviour that we have learnt over time, as we are so keen to avoid dealing with negative emotions to bury our face in a plate of cake (crisps/chocolate/takeaway……) is always the easier way to cope, but what about when you wake up the next morning bloated, swollen and feeling rubbish? Some easy ways to start breaking the habit….. STEP 1 – Say ‘STOP’ out Loud STEP 2 – identify the emotion you are currently feeling – label it – say it out loud STEP 3 – Find an alternative action that you can partake in These actions can be anything that involves ‘doing’ something – note that sitting on the sofa watching TV will NOT break the habit as your subconscious mind will…

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