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10 Resources to support children with anxiety

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If your child is prone to anxiety, offering them support and knowing what to say, can feel really difficult. Offering children an environment where they feel able to talk without judgement, feel accepted and have their emotions respected becomes fundamental to helping them to grow their confidence and resilience. At its core, for children to feel more in control we need to help them build their resilience skills. Resilience is all about our ability to manage situations and bounce back from difficulties. In order to foster resilience we need: To develop children’s awareness of what their emotions mean To support children to develop the vocabulary for their emotions To help children to recognise their triggers and know what the feelings are that occur when faced with them To support children to learn positive coping mechanisms to manage their feelings In this blog, i’ll be sharing ten resources that you can…

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5 things to do to keep your mental health more stable whilst staying home

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As the world faces a new challenge, and we are in a position of needing to stay home to protect others, ensuring that we take steps to protect the mental health of our family, and ourselves, becomes vital. Having spoken to many people over recent days, here are 5 things that you can action right now to support you and your family. Plan a routine – Whilst we have energy and focus, making a plan for the next 6-8 weeks can help give you structure and focus. For those with home learning to do with children, this will give structure to some of the day, for those working from home, this will cover some of the weekdays, but for all of us we need to consider the time around this. Consider activities you have been procrastinating about at home, jobs you want to complete, home learning you could do as…

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The story behind the Adventures of Brian

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I often get asked WHY I wrote the Adventures of Brian. With an ever growing book collection many people we meet want to know how it was inspired and what comes next. So it seemed an apt time to share it with you, as the anniversary of meeting the little girl who would prove to be a game changer to my life is coming up soon. So here’s our story… the Adventures of Brian Back Story… I’ve worked with children for my whole career, at 16 I worked in nurseries, progressing up to Nursery Manager and later to Early Years support roles within the local council. In 2005 I became a lecturer in early years and health and social care and committed the following years to teaching students from 16 upwards in A-Levels and Foundation Degrees. I suppose you could say that working with children and young people was in…

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Child Therapy – From a child’s perspective… (testimonial)

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I really love my therapy and coaching work with young people, their imaginations and willingness to open up and explore the child therapy techniques I offer means that they often experience big breakthroughs in 1-6 sessions (depending on the reason for attending). So you can imagine how touched I was when I received this beautiful story from one of my 12 year old clients which she submitted to a local radio station story writing contest, it looks at the session we completed to help her find some inner peace and joy…. she even had the chance to meet Brian my therapy dog! I’ll let her say the rest…    “Once there was a girl named Poppy and she was a big worrier for many reasons that cannot be explained. One day something life changing happened; she was going to see her one and only hero, worry expert Nicki Edwards and her…

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What if we could draw perfectly?

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My friend’s little girl came to play yesterday. We had finished baking and were sat at my dining room table drawing together (and using every single sticker I had in the house) when she looked over at my picture. I was drawing a picture of Brian (from the Adventures of Brian) at the time and she stopped and said ‘how did you get so good at drawing?’ When I replied ‘well I practiced lots and made lots of mistakes to learn’ she laughed and said ‘but I make lots of mistakes’ which made me stop for a moment. We all make lots of mistakes, don’t we? I probably spend most of my day getting frustrated at my own mistakes and having to find ways to resolve them. But only a child will tell you that honestly, with no agenda, no cover up, just pure honesty – ‘I make lots of…

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The Power of Children and why we need to listen to them…

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‘It’s just a child’ ‘You’re too little’ ‘When you’re older’ I’ve spent over 15 years of my career working with children in a variety of capacities from early years professions, to teaching, to child obesity and now therapy, and there is a resounding pattern that I’ve watched repeat itself…. We don’t listen to them… when really they are more highly intuitive than we will ever be.. Let me explain… Children have this incredible capacity to identify what is really happening and they gauge feelings, situations and issues in a completely different way to adults. As an adult we will try to weigh up options, look at pros and cons, utilise our pattern matches to see if we have any prior experience which tells us what we should ‘do next’. We then use this information along with our perception of our ‘gut instincts’ and apply to said situation and hope for…

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Why we should always follow our dreams …..

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When I was little I wanted to…. When I was young I wanted to… Before I was married I was going to…. Before I had children I was going to…. Before I retire I would like to…. How many times have you delayed your dreams? The things with dreams, is that we are almost encouraged to have them, aren’t we? When we are little we draw pictures of ourselves as princess, princes, knights, queens, pirates, astronauts, dancers….. you name it, you can draw it, and take on the dream, that one day, ONE DAY, you will do that thing… Then when we get to school we dream of careers and what we want to do with our lives, and we make a choice at that moment whether to tell people, well, realistically we have to, the education system effectively makes us tell them. When I worked in education as a…

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