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3 things you can learn from my Eating Disorder….

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Eating Disorders often become one of those judgemental taboo subjects – we see television, magazines and social media body shaming, we hear flippant remarks of ‘my god is she anorexic!’ passed around as easily as the names of celebrities… but what we actually know about them is very little. Much like many taboo subjects eating disorders make many people feel uncomfortable, and as such they avoid any discussion about them. Behind closed doors they may discuss a friend, family member or work colleague who they have noticed has ‘different’ eating habits but the likelihood of someone actually sitting down and having that uncomfortable conversation with someone is unlikely. I should know – I had one. I was late to the game, at 26, to develop an eating disorder isn’t as expected as if I had been a teenager, and being older (and in full time employment) I had more control…

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5 things a narcissist does to stop you leaving….

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With the growth of social media quite often you will see the word ‘narcissist’ used within articles, stories, social media posts and films. Often followed with comments of ‘why didn’t they just leave?’ or ‘Didn’t they see what was happening?’…So here’s 5 things a narcissist does to stop you leaving… If you read my previous blog ‘Why you shouldn’t have known‘ you will be familiar with why we rarely see the effects of a narcissist until it is late in the day…. To start here’s a definition of a narcissist: Narcissistic Personality Disorder, the process affecting the lives of innocent women and men every day is a pattern of abnormal behaviour which the narcissist not only has this excessive interest in themselves but combines it with a pattern of non-empathy in which they have no understanding of other people’s feelings and in their pursuit of power, success or self-satisfaction will…

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What you need to know when you are NOT ‘Ok’

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One thing that I see every week in my office in Sussex is wonderful, professional, intelligent women who are tired, overwhelmed, exhausted, fed up, dissatisfied or just plain at the end of their tether with being ‘strong’ In reality we have all done it haven’t we, been strong when we have no strength left? Almost as if it’s some badge we should wear with honour, ‘I’m on my knees but hey I’m still being ‘strong’ We watch wonderful women walking through the depths of hell and because they still get up everyday, put their war paint on and go out and fight the world we tell them ‘you’re so strong’  As if being strong is a good thing? As if being strong is what we ‘should’ do… Would you tell your daughter who was crumbling inside to ‘be strong’ – or would you wrap her in your arms, comfort her…

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I’m not a statistic – I’m me…..

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One of the greatest things that I find when working in disordered eating, anxiety or even trauma and bereavement is that so many of my clients have been treated as a statistic. Whether they are frustrated at being prescribed medication for symptoms not the cause, placed on long waiting lists for therapeutic talk therapies or provided with food plans which feel overwhelming the one thing that they all have in common is that they feel like a number, a statistic, a non-existent person. I remember years ago visiting the GP, my disordered eating spiralling, obsessed with exercise and collar bones and hip bones that were (in retrospect) very unattractive and a sign of the lack of health and nutrition I was experiencing) to be thrust a depression questionnaire to assess whether I was a risk to myself….. In that moment I felt like there wasn’t much hope left. The doctor…

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Why we need to focus on every small achievement in our recovery

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Whether we are recovering from an eating disorder, a trauma or an addiction focussing on our achievements is imperative to success and long term recovery. Whilst the end goal may be on the mind of all those around the recoveree for the person who is involved in the process that goal may feel too much or too far away to create momentum. So, what can we focus on?

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3 reasons why skipping meals is making you fat

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Every day in my Sussex office I meet with ladies who are at the end of their tether with their weight. Fed up of being overweight, feeling as though they are barely eating or only eating, they can’t stand their ‘lot’ any more and have decided that action is NOW So why is it that so many of them are ‘skipping’ meals but overweight? #1 – It’s causing internal stress  Skipping meals puts your thyroid and adrenal glands under extreme stress. This stress is fine if its a ‘one off’ BUT if skipping meals is a daily occurrence then it will have a long term affect on metabolism.Your adrenals and thyroid both help regulate metabolism and digestive function, so skipping meals increases cortisol in the body – which is an enemy to the adrenals and thyroid. Persistent skipping of meals thus creates metabolic issues and therefore affects weight – even…

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5 reasons stress is affecting your weight….

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STRESS.… just the way it’s written makes you want to scream….doesn’t it? Every day in my work as a hypnotherapist and life coach in West Sussex I see those struggling with stress. The issue with stress is that we experience it every day, we just rarely do anything to resolve it, as we are fire fighting life, work, families and  all the other little things going on. However, for those of us trying to lose weight stress is normally the greatest factor standing in the way of results… and most people don’t even realise! So what’s the deal? Why is it stopping us from reaching our goals?   #1 – Stress keeps us fat  Stress is related to two hormones in the body – adrenaline and cortisol. These are the hormones related to the fight versus flight. Now here’s the issue. A little bit of light stress can trigger weight…

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The invisible eating disorder – do you have it?

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Eating Disorders….. a term which is slowly becoming more recognised but still so widely misunderstood. Did you know that according to a report commissioned by Beat “725,000 people in the UK are affected by an eating disorder”  In the latest version of the DSM (Diagnostic Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders) they cite the main eating disorders as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder (BED), this eliminates EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified).However before the latest change in criteria, it was estimated that of those with eating disorders, 10% were anorexic, 40% were bulimic and the rest fall into the EDNOS category which included BED. Here’s the thing though….an eating disorder is not linear… In fact, there are a whole host of Eating Disorders swimming among our friends, family members and colleagues that we may not even be aware of, because those experiencing them may look – just like YOU and…

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This New Year….. Quit ‘Trying’

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New Year – New You…. and all the resolutions begin… The problem with resolutions is that so few people ever achieve them, not for a lack of wanting to, and not because they don’t matter to them, it’s just that the very nature of resolutions is that we already know when we write them that it is unlikely we will commit to them for 12 months – but we will ‘try’. And there lies the problem… The very word ‘try‘ So what is the issue with the word? let me explain… The very nature of the word ‘TRY’ is that is it ‘ok to fail’. When we are very little our parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, family friends will all encourage us to ‘try’ and then, when they are tired of watching us struggle, or we cannot quite do it, they… it for us… From that moment on we learn that…

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Glance Back, Move Forward

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There’s something about Christmas that almost forces us to reflect, perhaps because Christmas seems to come round faster and faster every year, perhaps because it’s one of the few static moments in our diary that we can be certain of happening and non-negotiable, you can hardly avoid the twinkling lights, wrapping paper and bustling shoppers, or the catalogue of Christmas adverts filling our television screens, can you? Christmas is therefore a pivotal point in which we can look back at what has changed over the last 365 days… Perhaps it is the…. The difficulties we have faced The changes in job, home, routine The changes in our children or loved ones The friends that we made, loved, or lost The changes in our health The happy moments, the sad moments, the memories Christmas for me is always a great time of reflection, often starting with the changes that were out…

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The 5 most unhelpful things people said to me when I had an eating disorder….

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We all have that friend or family member, or well meaning work colleague who has to comment on the things that we do or changes that occur, don’t we? Well, during my 20s I struggled with disordered eating on more than one occasion, sometimes these bouts lasted a few weeks, other times a few months, but regardless of their length and breadth the level of disorder was vast and varied. Sometimes skipping occasional meals, sometimes existing on one or two rice cakes, at other periods it was reliant on long exercise sessions to burn off the calories I had consumed and others I was racked with guilt about eating at all. The issue with eating disorders is that they are NOT all the same. They do not have a prescription label and they don’t all mean that a person is painfully thin. Sometimes eating disorders are hidden in desperate binges…

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Client Testimonial: Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

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Client Testimonial – Hypnotherapy Gastric Band (2 stone lost) Helen shares her story of the Hypnotherapy Gastric Band Treatment which has helped her lose 4 stone in the last year and completely change her life and outlook. “I have always struggled with losing weight and then putting it all back on again as soon as I start to make progress. No matter how much I wanted it, no matter how I didn’t want to snack. How I wanted to be good, but something would be niggling at me and i’d be in and out of the kitchen cupboards desperately searching for something sweet I must have overlooked that must be there, even after the 4th time checking, it was compulsion I’d have to keep looking. I was at a stage at one point in my life where I could not sleep on my back because I would get water in…

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I have a problem – is BWRT 2 for me?

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BWRT – Is it for me?  I was really lucky that a few weekends ago I was on the Level 2 BrainWorking Recursive Therapy course training to become an Advanced Practitioner. Having used BWRT 1 for months now I have loved the results and the versatility of the treatment. I’ll give you some examples of things that we’ve treated with it so far: Sugar Cravings Cookie addictions Portion control Boredom eating Social drinking (when get in from work) Social drinking to excess Driving confidence Being courteous to people you find frustrating Healing from relationships Overcoming trauma Overcoming the trauma of a car accident Anger triggers Anger management Anxiety triggers Anxiety from new experiences or large social events Quit Smoking Letting go of upset caused by family members Interview nerves Motorway driving So having seen these results I was keen to find out what BWRT 2 would offer.   So what’s…

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Is the past holding you back?

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I was talking to a client this week who admitted to me that she didn’t really believe that she could lose weight… Which is funny because she was paying me to support her in changing her mindset about food through hypnotherapy and BWRT (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy) Which got us to talking about where these beliefs come from and why we feel destined to never achieve our goals. Try these on for size: – Did you ever lose weight and then friends or family changed their behaviour towards you? – Did you ever lose weight and get criticism for being ‘too slim’ ‘skinny’ – Did you ever lose weight and it affected your relationship? – Did you ever lose weight and it impacted your employment? – Did you ever lose weight and take it too far and now worry about that happening again? – the list goes on…. Our brain (specifically…

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