I have spent 20 years working with children, teenagers and their families. From working in nursery management, teaching 16-19s  A-levels in Childcare and Health & Social Care, lecturing on foundation degrees to adult learners and within the NHS Child Obesity team, I feel blessed to have been able to learn so much about child development and the factors affecting young people.

Whilst working in the NHS I worked with children who were categorised as obese and  with pre and post natal mothers to support their health during pregnancy.

Since opening A Step at a Time I have been committed to offering unique and personalised treatments to children, teenagers, young adults and their families.

My therapy sessions support every stage from preparing for childbirth through my hypnobirthing classes, to 1:1 treatments for children to my published range of children’s books which support children to resolve their thoughts, worries and fears. I additionally offer a range of therapies suitable for adults including pain management and BWRT.

Please see the dedicated drop down for each area, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me,

Nicky x

Therapies for Families:

(This list is not exhaustive)


Nicky offers a range of hypnobirthing courses to suit time, financial and life commitments. Please note that face to face courses are personalised to parent needs. Nicky offers:
– Online Hypnobirthing Courses
– Basics Hypnobirthing Course (4 hours)
– Full Hypnobirthing Course
– Hynobirthing Audios

More details at:

Children’s Sessions (5-12)

A range of therapies using coaching, NLP, children’s hypnotherapy and BrainWorking Recursive Therapies for children and teenagers. The techniques vary depending on age groups and are suitable for children aged 5-19. Treatment sessions last 60 minutes and some offer coaching or support resources for home use.

Therapies vary depending on the age of children and the issue being presented. Please see the children’s page for details.

Adventures of Brian Books:

The Adventures of Brian is a therapeutic book collection created for children. Each book follows the beautiful adventures of a cockapoo called Brian who explores a range of thoughts, worries and fears and finds ways to resolve them. The books cover a range of issues from confidence, sleep, bereavement, worries and fears. A full list can be found on the designated website.

For more details on Nicky’s collection please visit www.adventuresofbrian.co.uk

Please note:
For treatments not listed or if you are unsure of the best treatment methods for you, please call me on 07474 710234, Nicky