Client Testimonials

KERRI (Face of A Step at a Time)

Treatment: Gastric Band
Start: November 2014
Goal: April 2015
Lost: 4 stone


Kerri originally enquired in September 2014, having exhausted every diet possible she was open to an alternative and opted for the Gastric Band treatment. After her treatment Kerri embraced the principles of the aftercare provided and saw a quick change in her eating habits saying ‘it hasn’t felt like hard work’ she is now a svelte size 10 and enjoys buying clothes from any shop and has a new found passion for exercise taking part in classes on a weekly basis and has recently taken up running.

When asked if there is anything she would like to share about her journey she said; “I want to shout from the rooftops how amazing it really is…. I still can’t believe that I lost 4 stone! A lot of people have said I am an inspiration, but first and foremost I did this for me. If people ask how I will tell them…. but I am proud of myself for taking the first step to becoming a new me…I want my daughter to turn round and say ‘I want to be like you mummy”

Kerri’s advice: “Just go for it, but if you do, you must really, really want to lose weight. You must really, really want it to work, believe in it, make it part of your everyday life and you will fly!”

You can read Kerri’s Blog here:


Treatment: Gastric Band
Start: December 2014
Goal: December 2015
Lost: 10 stone


Allan contacted me in December 2014 having seen the success Kerri was experiencing with her gastric band (they are work colleagues), he had a number of goals, the key one being to lose 10 stone. With Kerri’s journey acting as inspiration he took a chance on a different type of weight loss plan and embarked upon his journey on December 20th 2014. In his first week (over Christmas) he shed an incredible 14lbs and hasn’t looked back since.

On December 19th 2015 he reached his goal of 10stone and stands now a different man. Asked what he found most surprising about the journey he said “it’s the absolute simplicity of it, its been a long time since I as able to stand and be proud of my achievements….. the fact that when I walked into the A Step at a Time office I had very little hope of the future, I am now focussed and success is completely in my hands and I can continue to change my life forever”. Allan’s dedication to his goals have seen him exceed all of his goals, he reached his first five stone loss in 100 days!

He has been committed, focussed and dedicated throughout and completely embraced the aftercare system and support available to him. In addition to his weight loss he has taken up fitness and ran the Brighton Colour Run in October 2015.

Allan’s advice: “You need to want to change your lifestyle in order to be successful, it’s not always bout the weight you lose but also the person that you become. It’s certainly not a quick fix but the results will blow your mind!”

You can read Allan’s blog here:


Treatment: Gastric Balloon
Start: October 2014
Goal: January 2015
Lost: 2 stone


Fabiana came to see me in October 2014 wanting to lose 2 stone, she was uncomfortable in her clothes and her working hours led to unsociable eating and negative habits. Having had her treatment she was astounded to find that she couldn’t finish her dinner the first evening and her success has continued from there onwards.

She reached her target weight in January 2015 and this was timed perfectly with getting engaged! She floated down the aisle in her size 10 wedding dress in August 2015 looking every ounce the perfect bride. In addition to her weight loss she also completed the London to Brighton bike ride in the A Step at a Time team in June 2015, helping us to raise £1500 for Oscar’s Wish Foundation.

Fabiana’s said: “Following the treatment I noticed straight away that I started feeling satisfied after eating small amounts of food and was consciously eating food slowly. I also noticed that I had no desire to drink my usual fizzy drinks at lunch time and stopped drinking my regular evening glass of wine. My weight started dropping at an average of 2lbs a week, and I could immediately see the benefits of the treatment. The more weight I lost, the more motivated I became to continue the treatment and continue to see results”

You can read Fabiana’s blog here:


To see success clients must embrace this treatment as a lifestyle not as a quick fix or diet. Clients are required to follow an aftercare protocol. Those clients who are most successful embrace the treatment and the support package available to them. Please note that some clients who experience high levels of stress may need regular top ups.

After reaching goal clients are supported to maintain their weight loss, some opt for a 6 monthly top up to their treatment to ensure that their new lifestyle is embedded.

This treatment is not compatible with excessive quantities of alcohol on a weekly basis. Clients may require top ups depending on lifestyles.

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