Children have the most vivid imaginations, as they soar through space in a cardboard box or troop through the jungle in the back garden their ability to enjoy and explore stories is admirable.

The very nature of children’s hypnotherapy is the use of stories and metaphors, and with such vivid imaginations children are naturally the most susceptible candidates for this treatment. At an age where they may struggle to verbalise the root of their worries or anxiety hypnotherapy can offer a calm, supportive and enjoyable way to allow children to resolve their internal battles and move forward feeling happier, and at peace.

Children’s hypnotherapy does not have to be intrusive and I therefore utilise my 15 years of childcare experience to develop and offer sensitive and engaging treatments to support children to resolve their thoughts and worries without difficult conversations or further worry being caused. I additionally have a published set of children’s books called the ‘Adventures of Brian’ which support children to resolve their thoughts and worries from the safety of their own homes.

Please contact me with regards to identifying the appropriate treatment for your child.

Children’s Hypnotherapy

Children’s hypnotherapy is non-intrusive and designed to create a calm and enjoyable therapy option. I create scripts (stories) which are specific to children’s particular interests so that I can connect with them to treat their individual requirements. This allows children to connect with the characters and themes without even realising that we are treating things they previously found difficult.

Sessions are completed through an initial consultation where children can come and meet me and we can plan their story and then a story session where they come to listen to them. Children are provided with a copy of their story as well as an audio to listen to at home. Children will need to listen to this regularly after the session to get the maximum benefit from the treatment.

Sessions are £55 including the audio.

Children’s BWRT

Children’s BWRT sessions are a fast and effective visualisation technique which allows children to enjoy the magic of changing their thoughts and reactions to particular issues. BWRT stands for BrainWorking Recursive Therapy which is a highly effective therapy technique which allows children to replace their unwanted responses with new preferred ones using visualisation and imagination techniques. As the children make their own choices for preferred responses they take control of their own minds and feel empowered to change their behaviours.

The sessions are completely conscious and the results become stronger in the days after the session. We work on children’s own memories of the issue affecting them and so they are completely in control of the session. Each technique is adapted depending on age and it can be used from 5years-14 years.

Treatments generally require 1-2 sessions, each session costs £45.

Children’s Consent

Parents need to ensure that the child wants to come to the treatment session and they should not be forced to attend against their will.

Parents are required to stay at the session with their child. Should a child aged over 12 request to attend alone then parents written consent will be required but the parent will need to drop off and collect.

Children should be given a choice about attending for example by saying, ‘I know a lady who has helped lots of children who (insert problem) and she thinks she can help you too. What do you think?’

Please do not refer to the sessions as being medical or creating an air of work as this will prevent the success of the session.

What can it treat?

  • Separation anxiety
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • School worries/change of routine
  • Grief and loss
  • Stress related symptoms
  • Eating issues and behaviours
  • Being bullied
  • Concentration
  • Learning problems and exam fears
  • Behaviour difficulties
  • Night time fears and sleep problems,
  • Pulling hair out,
  • Thumb sucking, nail biting etc.
  • Nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting) and encopresis (soiling)*

*Both of these issues require a visit to a GP/specialist prior to any hypnotherapy so that any medical problems can be ruled out

(This list is not exhaustive – please call Nicky to discuss your child’s worries in more detail)

Please note:
I thoroughly encourage an informal meeting, especially if children are concerned or worried in which they can come along and meet me as part of a consultation before a separate treatment session is created.