If you’ve found me then it’s very possible you are looking for a change, whether it’s for you or a loved one…

So, I want to start off by saying well done for looking for a way to change your life and mind-set!

Maybe you’re finding life exhausting?

Or like you are constantly firefighting your own brain?

Or maybe you’re sabotaging all your best intentions?

Whatever bought you here, I’m glad you did, because the day I found hypnotherapy and later BWRT changed everything for me and I cannot wait to show it to you!

No path is straightforward, is it? Mine wasn’t either, which is why I am so passionate about working with the amazing clients that I meet, whether it’s the 5-year-old scared of going upstairs, the teenager with anxiety, the mum recovering from a trauma or the professional woman with a secret binge eating disorder…. because they have made a choice to change things to take them closer to living the lives that they want.

I’ll be honest, choosing to change can be the hardest thing, BUT, when you do make that choice– the results can be magical!

Having made such huge changes and experienced all the obstacles and difficulties that come with them it has made me passionate about helping other women who want to take back the reins and the control of their own lives, and offer ways to do this that are not like pulling your teeth out! That route starts with programming our minds to support those goals.

So who am I to say that it is possible? Having battled with obesity and having recovered from an eating disorder I am under no illusion that things are easy when you choose to change. However, when you find the right TOOLS and METHODS and start by changing your mind-set and breaking the connections associated with the issue you are having it’s like putting petrol in a car – it just all works.

So, we’ve established that you can change…. how will we teach your mind to?

My previous career of 15 years was in childcare and education. I have taught children (0-5 years) and teenagers (16-19) and adults (post compulsory education) and I loved it. However, what I didn’t like was the limitations and the paperwork when all I wanted to do was change young people’s lives and give them opportunities. I love helping people to train their minds, whether it’s in the classroom, in my office or through my therapeutic children’s books. When you give someone the freedom of a free mind they are capable of anything that they desire.

Having battled with both obesity and an eating disorder through most of my 20s I struggled to find a balance in my life, whilst at the time it seemed like the greatest punishment on my recovery I trained in wellness and nutrition and went on to work in the NHS in child and maternal obesity. This makes me passionate about the work I do with women who want to change their eating behaviours, especially in the recovery from extreme eating behaviours. It was my personal experience that led me to find hypnotherapy and later other effective therapy techniques which support client to reprogramme their minds about food and themselves.

I work using a variety of therapeutic methods to offer a range of programmes to change your mind-set in the area you need. My sessions are all personalised, interactive and focussed on change. That change can seem daunting at first, but when it starts to unravel it can be addictive! In most of my sessions it is also extremely QUICK! This can feel surprising, especially when a client has been in counselling or therapy for years and is suddenly free of their symptoms!

Sessions support you to break the emotional attachments to your problem, re-programme your responses to trigger situations and train your mind to achieve your goals.

All I ask is for complete honesty and clarity. Our working relationship is based on trust and confidentiality and I can only treat what I know, sometimes those situations we do not think affect anything are at the core of the issue, so being honest is vital to us working together to change your thought processes. This allows us to devise a treatment plan which is specific to YOU and allows us to create new processes which leave you feeling empowered and in control of your futures.

My clients therefore see effective results, a rapid change in behaviours and mindset and an opportunity to live the life that they desire. My goal is to have you feeling better and back in CONTROL as quickly as I can, so there is no request for weeks or months of therapy commitments, the majority of my work is completed in 1-4 sessions!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call or email so I can answer your questions.

I cannot wait to start working with you!

Nicky x